When I was younger and lived in Koszalin, Poland my mom and I would stroll on a street called Szczecinska.  To get to the city center we had to walk through the Narrow Gauge Railway tunnel.  I remember being enchanted by this shadowy structure.  Upon entering, the air was clammy and smelled of mold.  Rays of light only entered in through the two opposite openings, creating a murky ambiance.  The cold cement walls were blasted with graffiti, this was my first time seeing this type of illicit art.  There were always empty beer bottles and drug paraphernalia strewing around, like a decaying battle field of corruption.  The interior architecture consisted of cathedral style arches, this is what separated the pedestrians from the speeding cars.  The blend of vandalism with these arched openings and dramatic shadows felt like some sort of haunted shrine.  As a child it moved me and I was mesmerized.

I had to capture this sensation for the viewer, I wanted to experience it for myself over and over again as well.  I took this photograph of the tunnel on a recent trip back to Koszalin.  I needed to create this portal type of feel, a gateway into the abyss.  It is a simple composition, with the opening placed in the middle of the photograph.  During the day this art piece is dramatic and modern due to the high contrast of the interior and bright centre point.  However in the dark the illuminated piece takes on another life and sort of pulls the observer in, revealing hidden elements within the image.  Furthermore the light that comes through the frame sort of engulfs you and creates form around you, emulating this tunnel type of feel.

The frame is hand made by a local woodworker in Vancouver, BC.  It is solid mahogany and is painted black with a glass front.  It measures 54"H X 74"L X 4"D and weighs about 30 lbs.  The interior lights inside are LED and go all the way around for even light distribution, and produce no heat.  Also the LED’s are run on a battery eliminating the long grisly power cord. Additionally there is a chic remote control so you can switch the light on and off with finesse.  This piece is an edition of one and is available for sale.